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Test your Skills By Playing the Impossible Quiz Online

February 7th, 2016

The Impossible Quiz Online is a very prevalent and attractive flash game that you play online. This is a game where you can assess your skills and attempt to pass the most challenging but interesting quiz. The game has a pretty simple essence; you are required to take the test, answering all the questions.

Game Logo

You will be expected to rest on both guess and logic to get solutions to each one of these questions. In the start of the game, you are set with a question and four probable answers. The answers are provided in the form of A, B, C, D whereby you need to presume the right answer. Subsequently, you will be examined with the second question and then the third and so on.

You will get three lives in the Impossible Quiz Online. For each wrong answer, you will lose one life. Consequently, you will be declared a loser when you lose all the three lives. This game is on the reaction and mind to the way of logic and thinking. For this reason, it is very helpful to broadening your mind, improving your English proficiency, and developing your thinking ability.

Instructions for the game:

As far as the instructions of the game are concerned, you are required to answer a certain number of questions correctly so as to get an additional advantage. The benefit entails skipping some questions, which you will not be capable of responding. Nevertheless, you cannot skip all questions.

Quest 35

Furthermore, there is some wrecked quiz, which you must respond to within the time given. Otherwise, the game will get over. Notably, you will be asked to answer some of the questions within one second. To get all the responses in the quiz correct, you will need to think outside the box.

Controls of the game:

The Impossible Quiz Online only requires one control; that is your mouse. You must choose the correct answer to each of the quiz asked, and you must do so using your mouse. The game is not easy, and therefore, even the answer that seems obvious to you may go wrong.

Super Smash Flash 2 – The ultimate battling game

October 10th, 2015

Super Smash Flash2 is a sequel of the popular series of Flash game developed by Super Smash Flash 2 developer group. SSF2 is loosely based on Super Smash bros. series featuring many memorable characters such as Goku, Mario, Kirby, Naruto, ichigo, mega man and many more.

Game play of SSF2 is very similar to its official Super Smash bros game. Unlike most of the traditional fighting games, the health of character is measured by a damage percentage. The percent value increases as the character is attacked. The character gets knocked off, when it reaches the highest damage percent.
The game has two different modes, stock mode and time mode, matches can also be played by combination of two modes. In stock mode, each player gets chosen amount of lives, every time they are knock out they loses their life. In time mode, each player are awarded a point when they knock out their opponent and loss a point if they are knocked out or self destructed. At the end of time limit, the player with most points wins.

The control are different from it’s older version. The A, D, S and W keys are assigned to player 1 movement, while the arrow keys are assigned to second player. The P key is used for standard attacks, I key for shield, O key for special moves and 1 key for taunting. Player 2 uses 1 key on numpad for special moves, 2 key on numpad for standard attack, 3 key on numpad for shield, and 4 key for taunt. Player can also customize their game control in the menu.

Super Smash Flash 2
The characters are the fighters representing the universe which they belongs. Each character has numerous standard attack, special attack and unique special move called ‘Final Smash’. There are two types of characters, starter character, which can be used from the beginning, and unlockable character, which can be accessed only after being unlocked.
There are also optional expansion character which are not bundled with game and needs to be downloaded. There are total 33 characters which appears as playable characters. When turning on game for the first time the available starter characters are Mario, Lugi, Peach, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Wario etc.

There are different stages and platform’s where the battle takes place. Some stages consists hazards to add complexity and uniqueness. The basic stage starts with Battlefield, followed by Bomb factory, Bowser castle, Night zone, Castle siege, Central highway, Chaos shrine etc.



August 24th, 2015

REASONS WHY ESPN RETURN MAN 3 IS THE BEST GAME YOU WILL EVER PLAYESPN Return Man 3 is one of the best flash games developed by ESPN that focuses on playing the American football, where you have to run the length of the field and touch down without being tackled in order to win. It is the best game you will ever play with lots of action and entertainment.

ESPN Return Man 3 Features.

Stages and levels

ESPN Return Man 3 has various levels and stages broken down into weeks with a total of 15 game weeks. Each week has four to five stages which you have to complete in order to move to the next. For example, week one has four stages and each stage has three or more levels. You have to complete all the levels in each stage in order to unlock the next stage.

First levels of the game are much easier to complete, otherwise it becomes tougher in higher levels.

Better graphics

Return Man 3 graphics are nicely designed and makes the game look real. The players, cleats and lightning bolts are clearly visible and the playing field is also of super quality. The movements are simple, smooth and realistic.

Game controls

  • Return man is controlled with the I (Forward movements ), J ( Left movements), L (Right movements) and K ( Back movements). You
  • can also use the arrow key to control the return man. You are capable of changing these controls to W, A, S, D in the settings menu.
  • To catch the ball you have to move the return man over the yellow circle before it is filled with yellow.
  • Special moves are controlled with the A, S and D keys or J,K and L if you have changed your controls on the menu settings.
  • Space bar can also be used as an alternative to the mouse to help you advance from screen to screen

Running over the lightening bolts boost speed and bonus points. Running over cleats assists the return man from slipping on mud, snow or ice.

How to enhance your score and win the game

  • The quicker you score, the more points you get.
  • The higher your possession, the higher your score.
  • Use fewer moves to score high points. Each move you use to play deducts your points and therefore you should always use less moves.

Return Man 3 saves every level and stage that you play. You don’t have to start afresh the next time you launch your favorite game. If you are big fan of Return Man games we highly recommend you to play Return Man 6 – WIDEOUT at returnman6.org.

3D Rugby Experience

August 19th, 2015

Are you a rugby fan? If your answer is ‘YES’, then you are in the right place.The game allows you to have the 1st class experience in the game of rugby. all the action, drama and excitement. The game allows you to include your game in the list of the Rugby players in the field to make you feel ‘at home’. The more you win the more you climb the ladder of stardom; ‘Pro’ for professional is the limit. This is the level you Ought to be in. Don’t miss all the excitement.

3D Rugby ExperienceINSTRUCTIONS
Your target is to score a ‘try’ and get a chance to ‘convert’. Make sure you evade your opponents as much as you can and involve your team mates in the game as much as possible to increase your chances to score a ‘try’. When moving towards scoring a ‘try’ ensure that you move as close as possible towards the ‘H’ poles so as to make things easier for you to convert successfully.
Make sure you win the amateur level to get to the intermediary level, and win the intermediary level to get to the expert level. Finally and most interesting, win the expert level to get to the Pro level.
Each new level brings about new super cool attire for you and your team and also opens a new location.

Points to be awarded
1. A try – 5 points
2. A successful convert – 3 points

5 – Kick the ball to convert / perform a jump to catch the ball during a line up / pass the ball.
4 – Move to the Left.
6- Move to the right.

Right Keypad – Move the ball to the right during a Scramble.
Left Keypad – Move the ball to the right during a scramble.
1 – Move diagonally to the top – left.
3 – Move diagonally to the top – right.
7 – Move diagonally to the bottom – left.
9 – Move diagonally to the bottom – right.

Happy Wheels: Mindless Physics for the Troller in You

August 14th, 2015

Happy Wheels is the same rag-doll physics game where you try to survive that we’ve all played before, bored at work and wanting to see how much we can accomplish without ever accomplishing anything. My review of Happy Wheels, however, is little more exciting than your run of the mill physics game. Happy Wheels involves a level of gore that satisfies our inner caveman while sitting in the cubicle as well as the satisfaction of watching your own replays, replays of other users, and being able to create levels so that if your characters deserve a ring of hell that you just haven’t been able to reach you can make it yourself.

Happy Wheels: Mindless Physics for the Troller in YouBasic Game Play
The instructions of the game are to survive. The mechanics can vary based on what level you play (due to the various levels created by different players) but the gist of it is this: you have a character, a vehicle, and an environment with obstacles and tokens that can be both visible or hidden. You can also eject your character from whatever vehicle he, she, or it is driving. You want as many points or tokens as you can get before you die. Or, if you like things a little more morbid, you want to see how terribly you can kill your character. The graphic violence of this game is at least half the fun, including but not limited to loss of limb, decapitations, impalement, and so on.

To control your little guy you’ll be using the basic keyboard controls that most online games use. Arrow keys–up is forward; down is reverse; side to side is ‘lean’. These can also vary depending on what level of the game you play. In the version I enjoyed most my little man was on a segway, so ‘lean’ in that case was very important. The Space Bar is your main movement, usually jump or something similar, and the Shift and Ctrl buttons are ”special moves.’ Again, because this game has such a high level of customization the special moves are different with each level you play.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game at http://happywheelsdemo.us. It was developed in 2010 and has just taken off ever since. It’s highly reviewed almost everywhere as one of the best free games to play online and as long as you’re okay with a little black comedy in your game playing this’ll suit you better than most and I highly recommend it.

Take a look at Infectonator World Dominator

July 30th, 2015

If you’re a big fan of zombie flash games, then this game is the right one for you. The Infectonator World Dominator flash game isn’t what you think it would be. Most flash games that include zombies, are the ones where you have the chance to protect the world from the infected – in the Infectonator World Dominator flash game, it’s the other way around. It’s your job to spread the virus and have world domination.

Take a look at Infectonator World DominatorSurprised? You should be. When most zombie games would have you as the main character, fighting against the brain eating infected corpse – the Infectonator World Dominator gives you the chance to create a world of chaos and the main objective is to spread the disease: not stop it. Pretty cool if you ask anyone who’s tried it. And it’s something most zombie flash games would give you so it’s a whole new game and a whole new experience. If you’re tired of having to defend the world over and over again, then here’s your chance to be the one responsible for wreaking havoc all around the world!

AS said, your main objective is to spread the viral disease and infecting people in the game with the virus you have created. The Infectonator World Dominator game gives you the choice to set loose your virus and sit back to watch as your zombies inflict some major damage. By each victim your zombie can kill, you can pick up the coins that they leave behind by gliding your mouse pointer over them. With the cash you’ve collected, you can upgrade your zombies like, give them a longer life, upgrade how infectious they can be and buy grenades that you can use on human defense task forces.

The Infectonator World Dominator game gives you an 8-bit retro style and it also has a very catchy type of theme music that gets you all hyped up while playing. This is a really fun game that you can play without having to stress yourself out and be so serious about since it gives you an option of what kind of zombie you can have in the field like the famous clown, web slinger and even the moon walker. Talk about something fun and different.

game logoThe stages that you have to play are short but they have a nice saving feature that can give you the choice to jump in and make zombies in under a few minutes. Once you start playing this game, no matter how funny it may seem to the players (I caught myself laughing while playing this game) it really is a game that you cannot tear yourself away from!

By first glance, you’d think it’s a game you won’t enjoy; you should give it a chance before you can call it quits. Rest assured that once you get the hang of this game, there will be no way you can have the power to stop – you only have the power to keep playing to dominate the world.